will smith's son to star in karate kid remake

So I've already mentioned Will Smith's involvement in the Hollywood remake of Oldboy, but it seems the Fresh Prince is attached to another remake. Or rather, his son is. According to Variety, 10-year-old Jaden will appear in a remake of The Karate Kid: Will Smith's Son to Remake Karate Kid.

We first heard rumors about this project almost a year ago. I guess it's really happening. Over twenty years after the original movie, Columbia Pictures is resurrecting the franchise, with Jaden Smith as the Daniel-san character.

As we all know, the original starred Ralph Macchio as the new kid in town who gets his ass beat every day by a gang of bullies, until he strikes up a friendship with quirky old dude who teaches him karate. Somewhere along the way, the kid hooks up with Elisabeth Shue. And then later, Tamlyn Tomita.

This new movie will reportedly be filmed in Beijing. Does that mean that the Cobra Kai-like bullies will be Chinese? Greaaaaat.

I guess the only question left is, who will play the Mr. Miyagi character? It became the role that defined Pat Morita's career. Previous rumors suggested Jackie Chan or Stephen Chow. While I like both of these guys, I can't seem to get too excited about this movie. But of course, studio execs never listen to what I think. Bastards.

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