yunjin kim and daniel dae kim among entertainment weekly's entertainers of the year

Check it out! Yunjin Kim and Daniel Dae Kim have been named, as a duo, one of Entertainment Weekly's 25 Entertainers of the Year for their work this past season as Sun and Jin Kwon, the Korean island castaways on Lost. Pretty impressive, considering they're amongst the likes of Tina Fey, Robert Downey Jr. and Coldplay. I'd say they had a pretty good year.

You know I've been really into Sun and Jin's story since season one, but things just went to a whole other level in season 4, when we began to see the stakes, and their saga spun into the greater mythology of the island. As we approach the end, you can bet we're going to see how significant these characters are to the overall story of the show.

Man, I can't way for Lost to come back. When we last saw Jin, he was stuck on an exploding boat. But we know for sure that DDK will be back. And Sun, in a flash-forward, had turned into something of a badass (how freaking awesome was she last season?). What will the new season bring? I can't wait.

In the meantime, watch a video interview with Yunjin Kim and Daniel Dae Kim here, where they spill a few beans about the upcoming season. There will apparently be a lot of action, and a lot of different timelines going on. Season 5 begins on January 21.

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