adidas commercial features tokyo break up service

Saw this over on Adrants and Jezebel... This is kind of an amusing Adidas ad about a (fictional) guy who runs a break-up service in Tokyo. Basically, you hire Akira and he'll break up with your significant other for you. Here's the website for the campaign: no sad big smile.

You've got to hand it to Adidas. The high-concept commercial is a very different way to peddle shoes. I guess when you perform a service like that, you need good sneakers... because you'll have to run away pretty fast.

By the way, the main character in Amyn Kaderali's indie romantic comedy Kissing Cousins also runs a similar break up service. "Relationship Termination Specialist," actually. I couldn't help but think of Kissing Cousins when I saw the Adidas thing.

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