john cho joins the cast of flash forward

John Cho, who we all know and love as Harold from Harold and Kumar, and will be seen playing Sulu in next summer's highly-anticipated Star Trek movie, has joined the cast of the new ABC sci-fi pilot Flash Forward: New Sulu Joins Cast Of ABC Sci-Fi Pilot FLASH FORWARD!!.

The series, scripted by David S. Goyer and Brannon Braga, and based on the novel b Robert J. Sawyer, is about what happens when physicists, conducting a super-high-energy experiment, accidentally cause everyone on Earth to experience two minutes and 17 seconds of his or her own life—21 years into the future. Crazy!

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the project centers on Mark Banford, "an FBI agent who is patching up his life and his marriage after winning a long struggle with the bottle. Disturbed by the harrowing premonition during his blackout, he races to unravel the mystery, fearful of the murky future that might spell disaster for himself and his loved ones."

Cho will paly Dominic Witten, a dedicated FBI agent who is Mark's partner and friend. His experience while unconscious was an absolute blank, which doesn't bode well for his own future as he realizes he might be dead.

The show sounds pretty intriguing, and it's cool to see John Cho on the starring cast of a show again. I imagine Flash Forward and its weird sci-fi/mystery plot will appeal to fans of Lost, Heroes, Fringe and the like. I think you can probably thank the success of diverse, challenging shows like Lost (with large, multi-ethnic casts) for creating a wave of these kinds of shows. I'll probably be giving this one a try.

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