americans on the other end of the line... for a price

Let me get this straight. PC manufacturer Dell is charging customers a monthly fee to have access to its United States-based customer service representatives. They're charging customers with a Dell account $12.95 per month to have access to an American agent or $99 per year for customers who buy a new PC. But here's the kicker... If you don't want to pay up the fee, you can still talk to call center agents in India or the Philippines: Dear Dell: Customer service should be free.

Dell is, in effect, saying that the American support service is better than one with a representative from India or the Philippines on the other end of the line. Shouldn't support be support, no matter where it's coming from? I guess there really is a premium price ($12.95/month) on an American accent. It'll be interesting to se how successful this premium actually is. More here: The Bangalore Backlash: Call Centers Return to U.S.

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