following up with anna mae he

The Associated Press follows up on the story of Anna Mae He, the Chinese child who was at the center of a high-profile seven-year custody battle that ended last year with a judge ordering for her to be removed from her adopted family, the Bakers (the only family she ever really knew) and returned back to the Hes, her birth parents: Child in US custody fight adjusts to new country.

The family has since moved back to China, where her parents have sadly filed for divorce, and Anna Mae has been struggling to adjust to life in a new country. It doesn't sound like the transition has been very easy on her, which is no surprise. As I've said from the very beginning of this whole ordeal, no matter what the outcome, the real heartbreak is how it would affect Anna He. And now, we get a glimpse. It'll be interesting to see how she's doing in five years...

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