mystery double shootings in long beach

This is a really sad, baffling story out of Long Beach, California about the double murder of a young couple on New Year's Day... Vannaly Tim and Sarith Em were shot and killed early Thursday morning outside their apartment when they went outside to re-park their cars. An unknown assailant opened fired on them on the street. Why? That's the mystery: Family, police baffled by New Year's slaying of Long Beach couple.

Em was a 25-year-old Army veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. The guy makes it through three tours in a war zone to come back to this? He and Tim lived in their apartment with Tim's 6-year-old son, her parents, and her grandmother. Both of their parents were immigrants from Cambodia.

Authorities have no motive and no indication that the killings were gang-related. They don't even know if the shooter was in a car or on foot. And so far, no witnesses have come forward. It just doesn't make any sense. Anyone with information is asked to call the Long Beach Police Department's Homicide Unit at (562) 570-7244.

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