prince harry's racist remarks... caught on tape!

Across the Atlantic, the latest scandal to hit the royal family... Prince Henry of Wales is being investigated by his commanding officer after some disturbing video footage of him making racist remarks surfaced last week. The video was apparently shot three years ago while he and other cadets were waiting for a flight: Army To Probe Harry Race Slurs.

At one point, the Prince zooms in on the face of an Asian cadet and says, "Ah, our little Paki friend... Ahmed." A spokesperson says that Prince Harry used the term "without any malice and as a nickname about highly popular member of his platoon." Right.

The footage later shows him telling a comrade: "F*** me, you look like a raghead." How about that one, Harry? Another unfortunate nickname? More here: Britain's Prince Harry apologises for racist language.

The Prince, now a 24-year-old lieutenant, has issued an apology for his remarks, saying he is "extremely sorry for any offence his words might cause." Yeah, I'll bet you're sorry. Sorry you got caught.

Hasn't fellow countryman Amy Winehouse taught you anything? You should know by now, Harry. There's always seems to be a video camera there when you start talking racist nonsense. Funny enough, you just happened to be the one filming it. That's racist!

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