secret identities at new york comic con

This is for all you comic book fiends in New York... If you're planning to be at New York Comic Con next weekend, make sure you set aside time to attend a panel with our comic book creator friends called Asian Americans & Super Heroes: Secret Identities.

The editors and contributors of the upcoming graphic novel Secret Identities will be discussing their groundbreaking new work -- the very first Asian American superhero comic book anthology. It's Saturday, February 7 at 1:30PM in Room 1A18 at New York Comic Con.

And if you stick around through the weekend, Secret Identities Editor-in-Chief Jeff Yang will be moderating a panel called "The Multicultural Mask" on Sunday, February 8 at 11:15AM in Room 1A17. This panel will bring together creators who stand out as pioneers of the new inclusiveness in comics.

I got an early look at the Secret Identities anthology, and it's really awesome stuff. I wish there were comics like this when I was a kid. I can't wait to get my hands on the final copy. It's due out this spring. Amazon.com already as a listing for it. To learn more about Secret Identities, go to the website here.

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