sign up for carmen's course on diversity career success

All right, people. You want to learn something about diversity in the workplace. I mean, really learn something? My friend Carmen Van Kerckhove, president of diversity education firm New Demographic, is launching a one-time only, 5-part telecourse starting on February 5 called Diversity Career Success: How to Take Your Organization From Culturally Clueless to Diversity Dynamo (and Skyrocket Your Own Career While You're At It).

I know, the title's a doozy, but Carmen is a smarty, and she knows what the hell she's talking about. It's designed "to help professionals who are in charge of diversity at their organizations bring their skills to the next level and quickly position themselves as a driving force to help their organizations thrive in increasingly diverse world." I have a feeling many of you and your companies could benefit from this course.

The first 36 people who register will get a 4-CD set of interviews Carmen has conducted with some of the nation's top experts on race and diversity. The 4-CD set is worth $197, but you would get it as a free gift. Carmen will even personalize it for you. Hell yeah.

To learn more and reserve your spot in the course, go here. The training costs $297 -- well worth it, I think. Over the years, I've gotten to know Carmen as a fellow blogger and friend, and I really trust and respect her views on race and diversity. I'm sure she's got some really interesting things to share, and ideas that will make the course a valuable investment. Sign up now.

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