sundance 2009 portraits

I was just flipping through a couple of entertainment magazines, looking at coverage at the Sundance Film Festival... and noticed, without surprise, that there weren't too many Asian faces in the mix, except for mentions of hipster comedy darling Charlyne Yi, producer/writer/star of Paper Heart, and Ryan Shiraki, director of the comedy Spring Breakdown.

Thus, I thought it would be nice to showcase some of the Asian American folks who took photos at the Sundance portrait studio, like I did last year. They're good photos, and I doubt you'll see these anywhere else. So here you go (they're big photos):

Tzu Chun, director of Children of Invention

Cindy Cheung, star of Children of Invention

Michael Chen, star of Children of Invention

Crystal Chiu, star of Children of Invention

The cast and crew of Children of Invention

Charlyne Yi, writer/producer/star of Paper Heart

Cary Fukunaga, director of Sin Nombre

Ryan Shiraki, director of Spring Breakdown

Ryan Shiraki and the cast of Spring Breakdown

Kim Yutani, Sundance programmer

Rosie Wong, Manager of the Sundance Industry Office

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