sushi chef's road rage knife attack

Oh, what the hell, as if the crazy violent Asian guy wasn't getting enough press already. Asian Behaving Badly... Mad Sushi Chef edition! In New York, 37-year-old sushi chef Yao Zhou is accused of losing it in a road rage incident and attacking 23-year-old Jack Zaiback with a knife: SUSHI RAGE: Chef Accused Of Going Knife Wild.

The two drivers were driving on the Western Shore Expressway when Zaiback apparently cut off Zhou. According to Zaiback, when he pulled over to the side of the road and tried to exchange license and insurance information, Zhou started attacking him. With a freaking knife. Zaiback received 100 stitches.

The thing is, police have filed assault charges against both Zhou and Zaiback, so the description of the incident according to Zaiback doesn't quite feel like the whole story. I'm not trying to defend Zhou -- a road rage sushi knife freakout is the last thing I really want to hear about. I'm just suggesting there could be more to this story.

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