asian teen arson spree!

Asians behaving badly... Pyro Teen edition! In St. Petersburg, Florida a group of teens were arrested after setting fire to fourteen cars and a house over a two-hour span during the weekend: Teens Torched 14 Cars, 1 House In 2 Hours.

The teens have admitted to making Molotov cocktails out of soda bottles and gasoline and tossing them randomly at several locations. The reason for their crazy arson spree? Boredom, apparently: Police say boredom sparked teens' St. Petersburg arson spree.

On Sunday, police arrested 16-year-olds Mathew Kiernan and Francisc Huy Du: 2 Teens Arrested After 14 Car Fires, House Blaze. Then they arrested their buddies, 18-year-old Alain Nguyen, 16-year-old Minh Tran, and 17-year-old Quoc Tan Lam: 3 More Teens Arrested In St. Petersburg Arsons.

According to police, the five teens are apparently good students. In fact, two of them are A-plus students trying to earn scholarships for college. They might be good students... too bad they're all a bunch of freaking idiots.

I'm guessing they all now face multiple counts of felony arson. Do you know how they eventually got caught? One of these geniuses apparently left his wallet at the scene of one of the fires, which allowed police to track down and arrest all five of them. Seriously. Idiots.

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