drudge describes hillary clinton as 'feeling japanese'

Oh, brother. Saw this item over on Think Progress, which points to an item on Drudge about Hillary Clinton making her first overseas trip to Asia as the new Secretary of State: Bucking tradition, Clinton to head for Asia.

Of course, Drudge couldn't just leave it as a story about Hillary Clinton visiting Asia. Instead, they deliberately choose a photo of Hillary that hints at Asian stereotypes (small eyes, arched eyebrows, big teeth), with a photo that describes the Secretary of State as "Feeling Japanese." How original: Drudge Posts A Picture of Hillary Clinton With Squinted Eyes, Says She's 'Feeling Japanese.'

Ah, I get it. Funny Asian Joke. It's not like I'm expecting something classy out of Drudge. But please, somebody stop the stupidity.

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