drunk cop kills pedestrian

So get this. Jersey City cop Martin Abreu goes out, gets drunk, and drives his car into two pedestrians -- killing one and injuring the other: Law grad struck and killed by car near Battery Park City; 25-year-old had whole life ahead.

He's charged with vehicular manslaughter and driving while intoxicated, and rightly so. I don't care who you are -- you drive while drunk, you're an idiot. You hurt someone, you kill someone, you need to face the consequences.

Abreu's mother, however, doesn't think her son is at fault. In fact, she actually blames it on the woman Abreu killed, 26-year-old Marilyn Feng. No joke, she straight up said, "It was her fault." Right. You mean she somehow jumped in front of your drunk son's moving car and killed herself.

I know moms will say or do anything for their kids, but this is straight up stupid, and I quote: "So my son went out and had a couple of drinks. He deserves to have a good time now and then." Mom of the Year, my friends: Heartless mom of N.J. cop charged in DWI death blames couple.

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