get your john cho action figure

Sorry. Geek-out moment. With anticipation building for this summer's big screen reboot of the Star Trek movie franchise, opening May 8, expect lots of promotional tie-ins and movie merchandising... including, of course, action figures: Star Trek Beams Up New Toys.

With Toy Fair, the toy industry's huge annual trade show happening this week, Playmates Toys has unveiled a big variety of Star Trek action figures to tie in with the movie release -- from 3 3/4-inch to 6-inch and 12-inch models... including our man Sulu. Lots of details and images here.

Yes, you can have a plastic action figure with John Cho's likeness sitting on your shelf! The photo above is a preview of the 6-inch figures. The toys will be in stores sometime in April. I'm definitely getting a Sulu action figure! To collect, not to play with. I swear. Okay, geek-out moment over.

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