woman abused and imprisoned adopted teen

Ugh. I'm utterly disgusted. Last week in Florida, authorities arrested Tailing Gigliotti and her boyfriend Anton Angelo on charges of aggravated child abuse and false imprisonment. They had apparently been keeping a teenage relative locked in a bathroom since 2007, and only allowed him out when they were home: Second arrest made in brutal beating, imprisonment of Hernando teen.

According to investigators, the abuse was discovered when the 17-year-old managed to escape from the bathroom and went to a neighbor's door asking for help. He had bruises and cuts on his left arm and shoulder, along with cuts and contusions about his head, arms and face.

The victim said he hadn't slept in a regular bed for more than three years and was made to sleep on the floor in the hallway until November 2007, when Gigliotti confined him to sleeping in the bathroom, which was locked from the outside and the window barricaded with plywood so he couldn't escape.

It gets worse. He was made to strip, had his tied with packing tape, and beaten with a piece of wood and the short section of a water hose. After the beating, he was kept nude and locked inside the bathroom, in total darkness, without medical attention while Gigliotti went to work. Luckily, the kid was able to break open the door, get out and find help.

What kind of evil people do this? And why? Gigliotti apparently adopted the boy from her sister, who lives in Taiwan, and brought him to the United States when he was 4. More here: Woman accused of years-long abuse of adopted teen. If you ask me, she and her boyfriend deserve many, many years of pain.

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