look who's back

Hell yeah. Have you been watching Lost? After seemingly being blown to bits on the freighter in last season's finale... Jin returns. Looking like he's seen better days, and really, really confused... but alive.

UPDATE: Apologies to anyone who feels like this post is a spoiler. But the episode aired last night, and, well... deal with it.

That said, Entertainment Weekly has a really good, detailed recap of the episode, including some interesting miscellaneous observations at the end, and a great video interview with Daniel Dae Kim himself. DDK breaks the silence!

Here's also some good info on the secrecy about his fate: Jin's Fate Revealed: Lost Star Weighs In on Latest Twist. Fun fact: he was apparently purposely omitted from the season five publicity materials, but now that he's officially back, he'll be digitally re-inserted back into the photo.

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