online survey about asian americans and hollywood

This interesting online survey was recently passed along to me... I'm told that the data is for a report for the Screen Actors Guild about the influence of the "Asian American film market" -- what kind of movies/television to Asian Americans consume, how they make their viewing choices, etc. Filling out the survey will help them acquire more accurate quantitative results. If you have a moment, fill one out (it only takes a few minutes): Asian-Pacific American Market's Influence in Hollywood.

UPDATE: Here's some background on the survey, in a letter from the survey's author:
Greetings everyone,

I am currently an independent contractor for the Screen Actors Guild, America's labor union for film and television performers. I have been assigned to craft a report regarding the Asian-Pacific American market's ability to influence Hollywood's entertainment industry, and whether this market segment has the ability to impact the quantity and quality of Asian-Pacific American roles in film and television. This report will be published and distributed within the industry, among networks, studios and advertisers.

Due to the limited information on Asian-Pacific American consumer trends in the entertainment industry, I have created a questionnaire to help define the Asian-Pacific American market's influence in Hollywood. All responses are anonymous. I hope to collect a minimum of 500 respondents within the next two weeks.

Here's the link:

Your participation strengthens the Asian-Pacific American voice in Hollywood. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best Regards,

Darlene Rabena
Independent Contractor
Affirmative Action & Diversity Department
Screen Actors Guild
Your help is needed and appreciated! (Thanks, Richie.)

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