michelle wie, college student

Here's a San Francisco Chronicle story on Michelle Wie, who is trying to balance normal life as a Stanford student while pursuing her much-scrutinized career as a professional golfer: Wie seeks balance in unconventional life.

That's got to be a little weird, going to school as a high-profile professional athlete. But it's apparently been pretty low-key, and she's settled into life as a sophomore. She'll be returning to Hawaii next week to play in her first event as a full-time LPGA tour member. So it looks like she'll have to arrange to take a few a makeup midterm exams. Sorry, professor. I have to go kick some ass on the golf course.

And for the record, it says she's taking classes in humanities, engineering, writing and Korean drama this quarter, and she's leaning toward majoring in East Asian studies. There's a class on Korean drama?

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