nephew arrested for planning home invasion robbery/murder

You've got to be kidding me. This is straight up evil... Last month, we heard the news of the death of Korean businessman Robert Chae, who was murdered by home invasion robbers in the Philadelphia suburbs. According to police, it turns out the guy behind the whole robbery was Chae's own nephew: Nephew Arrested In Death Of Pa. Businessman.

Police have four suspects in custody, including Chae's nephew Angelo Shin, who confessed to planning the entire robbery. Shin apparently lived with Chae after moving to the United States and police said he gave the other suspects his knowledge of Chae's safe inside the home. More here: A 'SINISTER' FAMILY BETRAYAL.

According to investigators, Shin told the other suspects -- Robert Eatman, Julius Wise, Amatadi Latham and two others -- that Chae had approximately $100,000, but they found less. Shin's payout was apparently $2,000. Two grand that got his uncle killed. He, of course, did not actively participate in the robbery. But he sure as hell has his uncle's blood on his hands.

The guy is straight-up scum. I think the Montgomery County District Attorney pretty much summed it up: "He is a traitor to his family, he's a traitor to his people and his treachery is of the lowest kind that I would say we have even seen here. For $2,000, he was willing to betray his family."

What, you thought you were some kind of gangsta or something? All the suspects arrested face second-degree murder charges, except for Shin. He got a deal to face third-degree murder because he gave up his accomplices. What a weasel.

Arrest warrants were issued for two additional suspects, Karre Pitts and Joseph Page. Investigators said there could be additional arrests. Anyone with information on their whereabouts are asked to contact Montgomery Township Police at 215-362-2300.

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