protestor throws shoe at chinese premier

Shoe-throwing is so hot right now. What is it lately about throwing shoes to insult foreign leaders? Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, on a visit this week to Cambridge, England, was greeted by a protestor who threw a shoe at him: China's Wen Interrupted by Shoe Hurled at U.K. Speech.

Wen was speaking to students and university lecturers after a meeting with U.K. Prime Minister Gordown Brown during a two-day trip to London. He was interrupted by a protestor who blew a whistle, denounced the leader as a "dictator" and threw his weapon of choice -- the shoe.

It's all on the above video, released by Chinese state television. The shoe didn't hit Wen (it apparently missed him by about three feet), and the protestor was quickly removed from the audience. The man has reportedly been charged with a "public order offense," whatever that means.

Not only did this dude have awful aim (did he even practice?), his technique was all off. You don't blow a freaking whistle, call the man a "dictator," then throw the shoe. That wastes too much time. That all has to happen simultaneously. You can blow a whistle while throwing a shoe. You're making a statement, man. Make it count!

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