stimulus bill authorizes compensation for filipino veterans

Can it really be? By now, you've probably heard about the stimulus bill approved by the U.S. Senate this week. Hey, we could all use a little stimulus. But believe it or not, part of the bill authorized the release of $198 million to go to the Filipino veterans of World War II: Historic twist to stimulus bill: Senate votes to reward Filipino veterans.

About 18,000 Filipino vets who fought in the war under the American flag would now receive up to $15,000 for their service. That's compensation that should never have been taken away from them in the first place, but more importantly, it's recognition that they've been seeking for over sixty years.

That's great to hear... but they've been disappointed before. Things have been promised to the Filipino veterans in the past, then taken away. I'll believe in this development when that money is finally in those veterans' pockets.

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