teen found dead after leaving party

Don't want it to be downer day with news of dead students... but this is another baffling death. Over the weekend, the body of 16-year-old Elizabeth Mun was found in an icy pond in Andover, Massachusetts: Autopsy today for teen who left party.

She had apparently been with friends at an all-night party, but abruptly left the party on foot around 5:00am on Saturday. Police later discovered her dead, lying facedown in a partially frozen brook about 200 yards from the house.

Officials declined to comment on whether alcohol or drugs played a role in her death. An autopsy was performed yesterday, but haven't yet released the results. Questions remain over why Elizabeth wandered away from the party, and why she went into the cold wearing only shorts and a jacket.

What authorities have indicated though, is that there weren't any adults present at the home during the party: No parents at party before death. With a promising young student dead, someone is going to have to answer for that: Cops mull charges in teen's death.

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