what I've been listening to: tim be told's getting by

A bunch of folks have been telling me about Tim Be Told for the better part of a year, but for some reason, I only recently got around to hearing their album Getting Byicon, and man, I'm really enjoying it. It's solid songwriting, appealing vocals and just a really hopeful, soulful sound.

Hailing from Charlottesville, Tim Ouyang, Luan Nguyen, Andrew Chae, Jim Barredo, and Parker Stanley formed Tim Be Told a few years back and have been gaining a considerable following in Virginia and beyond with their infectious pop/rock/gospel sound. My only regret is not getting to know their music sooner.

However, according to their touring schedule, it looks like I'll be able to catch them performing in a few weeks at ECAASU. Looking forward to it. Learn more about Tim Be Told, and hear some of music on their MySpace page. Also check out their YouTube channel. One of my favorite of their songs is "Ordinary".

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