the world is going to explode -- which race do you save?

What are they trying to teach the kids in Canada? In New Brunswick, the education minister has ordered the cancellation of a fourth grade school assignment that asked children which lives they would save if the world were about to end, and they had to choose among different ethnic groups: N.B. education minister orders end to race-based Grade 4 assignment.

The assignment, given to Grade 4 students at Ecole Mont-Carmel in Ste-Marie-de-Kent, was based on the notion that the planet would explode. The students had three spaces in a rocket ship and they had to decide which person they would save among the following: an Acadian francophone, a Chinese person, a black African, an English person and an aboriginal person.

Before the minister made his ruling, the principal of the school defended the assignment, saying it actually intended to show the students how to be respectful to all groups. Right. Except for all the groups the students chose to leave behind in a global explosion.

You've got to be kidding me. This is what grade 4 students are learning these days? Who the hell dreamed up this crazy racist assignment? It's like some kind of eerie early recruitment tool for white supremacist groups. Give the right answer, and they'll track you down for future membership. Scary.

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