all the "single asians"? really?

I really wasn't going to write anything about this stupid video, and just dismiss it as silly foolishness. But you don't know how many messages I received about this in the last week, from folks who were either extremely amused or extremely angry. It seems I cannot ignore this damn video any longer: Yale Group Releases Racy (or -ist?) "Single Asians" Video

The video in question is by members of Mixed Company, an a cappella singing group at Yale, who created a video entitled "Single Asians," an utterly unfunny parody of Beyonce's "Single Ladies." It's just really really bad. Good Lord, did someone actually think this was a good idea?

It's truly cringe-worthy. More than the awful, unfunny lyrics, or that they seem to be having a wonderful time with racial and sexual stereotypes ("Me love you long time"? Really?), or that it's yet another Beyonce parody (about three months too late), I just feel really embarrassed. Embarrassed for these girls for thinking up and going through with the awkward, uncomfortable exercise.

You can watch it here. Warning: you will not be able to unhear/unsee this video after it has entered your consciousness. But you will wish you could get those precious two minutes back. It's that bad.

Knowing that one of my fave fellow bloggers, Jen from Disgrasian, was also once a member of a Yale a cappella group, I was definitely waiting for her comments on this video. She's not kind: Arr the Singre Ragies. And to echo Jen: Thanks to all who sent this one in, you know who you are, damn you.

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