dear craigslist asshole, we're taking over. deal.

Just saw this posted on Los Angeles Craiglist this evening, from someone who is definitely not happy that all the Asians are taking over! his imaginary little kingdom. I have a feeling it's going to be taken down soon, so here's the full the text of the tirade, for record's sake:
Asians are taking over! (Southern California)
Reply to: pers-udn4y-1060995109@craigslist.org
Date: 2009-03-04, 8:09PM PST

Anyone read the LA Times article on the "White Flight"? For those of you that DONT live in Arcasia, Temple City, Rosemead, Alchanbra, Chan Gabriel or surrounding areas you have NO idea what its like to be here if you are ANYTHING other than Asian. I grew up in this area my whole life and you asian fucks come here and use your fucking opium money to buy our land, build a million fucking wedding shops and refuse to put signs up in ENGLISH! FUCK YOU! I get treated like shit EVERY FUCKING TIME I GO IN YOUR STORES IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD! You shitbags come to our country to get away from your fucked up communist homeland and try to force us to adhere to your fucking shitty culture, way of life and fucking LANGUAGE! America is the only place where you can come to, NOT LEARN HOW TO DRIVE and PAY someone for your drivers license. I am getting tired of being behind you fucks! You drive 10 miles per hour in a 40 zone, cant even use your turn signals and just generally SUCK AT DRIVING! I'm also getting tired of seeing those fucking chink mansions getting built everywhere. Not only you destroy parts of American history they are just FUCKING UGLY! Here is the normal Chinese female in a nut shell. Family is rich from using the American system and sending money back home, fucking up our economy even more, little tiny ugly ass football of a dog that you don't even know how to take care of properly, you either drive a Lexus, BMW or Benz... wait... YOU CANT DRIVE! And you most likely live in a ugly ass huge fucking eyesore of a house and expect everyone non-Asian to lick your asshole. Not to mention NONE of you look decent, you all think that wearing Ed Hardy shit with no ass makes you popular or good looking. HA! Take your Asian welding masks, gloves and long sleeves off when you are outside, the sun isn't going to kill you, get some color. Oh wait, I forgot, that if you aren't pale and ugly everyone will think that you are a farmer.... My bad. I use to not be racist until I felt like I was black in the 40ies living here. What good do Chinese and Taiwanese bring to us? Nothing that I can think of... All you guys do is make fun of all non-Asians, fuck our economy up and treat the rest of us like shit in our OWN country! At least when the Mexicans come here most of them just want to work and raise a family with as little fuss as possible. Plus they have shared their culture with us, NOT FORCED IT ON US. I'm getting tired of being treated like shit in my own neighborhood, WE WERE HERE FIRST! QUIT TRYING TO FORCE US TO YOUR WAYS! If you DON'T LIKE US THEN MOVE BACK TO YOUR FUCKING HOMELAND! Oh and one more thing, HIRE AN ENGLISH SPEAKING AMERICAN TO SPELL CHECK YOUR SIGNAGE OR LEARN ENGLISH!
Do I really have to say it? That's racist! Hey asshole, we're here, and we're not going anywhere. If that disrupts your ignorant, racist American existence... tough. We're sure as hell not going back our "fucking homeland." Because we're already here. Get over it.

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