"dude, your english is awesome."

All right, I guess this is the semi-regular, every-couple-of-weeks Lost check-in? Have you been watching? Dammit, this show rules. I find myself really really looking forward to Wednesday nights. They've taken the show to places we never anticipated, and they're completely pulling it off. And best of all, they've convincingly managed to vastly improve Jin's English, which has got to be relief for Daniel Dae Kim.

With the whole time-bending thing, we've seen actor Francois Chau reprise his role as Dharma doc Pierre Chang... and from the season premiere, we know he has a kid. (Maybe Baby Miles?) They've also introduced a few new characters, including Zuleikha Robinson as Ilana, one of the Ajira Airways survivors, and Reiko Aylesworth as Amy, one of the Dharma folks, circa 1977.

Now, some bad news. Spoiler sites have heard on good authority that one of the major characters will die by season's end. As previous seasons have proved, Lost has no problem killing off cast members. The characters in the running for the chopping block are apparently Ben, Daniel, Sawyer, Jin and Miles. Man, I seriously hope it's not Jin or Miles. I'm nervous. But I guess we'll see. For now, enjoy the season. It's kicking ass.

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