north korea detains two american journalists

According to media reports, North Korean soldiers have detained two female American journalists, on the border between China and North Korea. The journalists had apparently ignored warnings to stop filming in the area and were arrested: N. Korea Said to Detain U.S. Reporters.

Laura Ling, who is Chinese American (and sister of Lisa Ling), and Euna Lee, who is Korean American, were believed to have been detained by North Korean border guards on Tuesday morning in Chinese territory near the Tumen River. The two work for California-based online media outlet Current TV.

North Korean guards reportedly ordered them to stop shooting footage of the country from China, and then cross into China to arrest them when they continued to film. Their Chinese guide, an ethnic Korean, was also detained. More here: NKorea military detains US journalists.

As of the time of these reports, there wasn't a lot of official information on any side. The U.S. embassy in Seoul has expressed "concern" over the fate of the two women. Pyongyang has yet to comment on the incident, and China says it's investigating. Well, someone knows something, and they better get on this.

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