the kimchi taco generation

The New York Times ran a story last week on the now-famous Kogi truck, Los Angeles' meal-on-wheels sensation: For a New Generation, Kimchi Goes With Tacos. The superdelicious mobile Korean fusion variation on the Mexican taco truck has been attracting Twitter-powered lines of eager eaters all around the city.

The article is interesting because it's not just about Kogi, but the recent surge of second-generation Korean Angelenos who have played their own variations on traditional cuisines and taken it far beond the boundaries of Korean-dominated neighborhoods.

In addition to chef Roy Choi of Kogi, they talk to the people behind restaurants like Gyenari, gastropub Father's Office (which offers what is possibly the best burger in Los Angeles), and popular ice creamery Scoops -- all run by Korean Americans.

It's a very interesting look at the changing culinary scene in L.A. What other city would dream up kimchi sesame quesadillas and bulgogi tacos? Now I'm hungry.

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