¿ud. a visto una china gorda?

Carmen sends me this one... This is an actual Spanish-language print ad for a weight-loss product that asks: "Have you ever seen a fat Chinese woman?" Nope, says the stupid consumer. There is no such person, or they all apparently live in hiding. It must be all that tea they sip!

You've got to love advertising that boldly generalizes an entire population: When Cultural Stereotypes Become Central Selling Point. Photo of skinny Asian woman included, of course, for the full effect. It's gotta be the tea. Ridiculous. Disgrasian's got their sassy take here.

But wait, it gets worse. Note the toll-free number they give you at the bottom. 1-877-CHINITO ("little Chinese"). And a little chinky caricature face to drive it all home. That's racist! My guess is, you drink the tea, and you will indeed lose weight... because of all the diarrhea.

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