koh brothers are running the show

Last week, we heard that the White House had named Harold Hongju Koh, dean of Yale Law School, to the key position of legal adviser to the State Department. Cool right? But wait! I didn't mean to forget Harold's brother...

Last week, President Obama nominated Dr. Howard Koh, an associate dean at the Harvard School of Public Health, to the post of assistant secretary for health in his administration: A Harvard dean gets call from Washington.

If confirmed, Koh would be responsible for establishing the nation's public health agenda, handling a vast portfolio that includes the US surgeon general and programs that coordinate vaccines, AIDS policy, minority health, and blood safety.

How you like that? Get ready, Washington. The Koh Brothers are running things up in this place. Howard's got the health and Harold's running legal. Recognize. More here: Koh Tapped To Be Assistant Secretary for Health.

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