yellow fever for your pocket

Not too long ago, I mentioned the perverted little Geisha iPhone application, where users could keep a virtual geisha in their pocket all the time, and get it to do their every bidding. Weird, I know. The damn thing will literally start dancing when you clap your hands. Some developer with Oriental fantasy on the brain also has a little too much time on their hands.

So I guess I shouldn't really be surprised to hear about an iPhone application like Cute Asian Girls. Not surprised. Yet still, appalling. What the hell? Who's the perverted Asian fetish freak who came up with this worthless app? It's all about "yellow fever," and doesn't even try to hide it. Here's the description from iTunes:
If you have yellow fever, this app is the cure!

Cute Asian Girls gives you HUNDREDs of photos of the most beautiful asian girls you have ever seen. Whether you're looking for asian girls with weapons, or girls in maid uniforms, or even just the casual girl in a summer dress, we have them all! Our photo collection is growing by the day and will continue growing by the truckload. Every day will introduce new photos for your viewing pleasure.

Download as many asian girl photos as your heart desires for free after you buy the app. Use them as your wallpaper, send them to friends, or set them as your contact's photos.
I don't think I have to explain how unhealthy someone who actually downloads and uses this application must be, considering that it shamelessly and explicitly appeals to those with "yellow fever." An exotic, Oriental sex object -- hundreds, actually -- can be yours, right in your pocket, for just 99 cents. The application comes courtesy of mobile development company StuckPixel, Inc. (Thanks, Alicia.)

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