new york times review of david yoo's stop me if you've...

The New York Times has a short review of David Yoo's second novel for young adults, Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before, a really wonderful, funny read for all the loveable losers out there (including me): Children's Bookshelf.
By David Yoo.
Hyperion. $16.99. (Ages 13 and up)

It wouldn't seem possible to make high school jocks, popular girls and losers fresh and hilarious, but Yoo does it. His Romeo and Juliet story is a winner (outcast Albert Kim with popular girl Mia? No way), but it's Albert's ice-dry telling of his tale of woe that sets it apart. From his uncool Korean parents with their "legitimately tragic childhoods" to the angry little kids next door ("a barrage of iceballs arc overhead like grenades"), Albert views growing up with all the comic sweetness and unsentimentality it deserves.
You might remember I wrote a little bit about this book when it was published last fall. I think I said this before, but I really wish there were books like this, with characters and stories I could really relate to, when I was growing up. Dave's written a fresh and funny book that readers of all ages will really enjoy.

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