upcoming screenings of vincent who?

I want throw up another plug for Tony Lam and Curtis Chin's documentary Vincent Who?, an examination of the landmark Vincent Chin murder case and its impact and legacy on the Asian American activist community.

I ran into Curtis at ECAASU, where he screened a bit of the film for the students in a workshop. He's been on a whirlwind screening schedule at colleges and community organizations all over the United States, and is currently in the middle of a spring tour.

If you get the chance to see it, I highly recommend checking it out. While Renee Tajima and Christine Choy's 1987 documentary Who Killed Vincent Chin? recounts the details of the murder and its ensuing trial, Vincent Who? examines how the case galvanized the Asian American community, created a movement, and inspired a whole new generation of activists.

I recently met a few college students who, prior to seeing Vincent Who?, had never heard of the Vincent Chin murder case, but were profoundly moved and inspired after seeing the documentary in a screening at their school. I'm hoping that more young people will do the same. To see the list of upcoming screenings, go here.

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