secret identities: "the citizen"

All right! It's time for another video preview of Secret Identities, the Asian American superhero comic book anthology. (Is it just me, or does the guy doing the opening narration sound remarkably like Adam West?) This week's story is "The Citizen," written by Greg Pak, with art by Bernard Chang. It's probably the book's most "superhero-esque" character in the traditional sense.

The story follows Frank Murakawa, a Sergeant from the Arizona National Guard who was exposed to unknown chemicals during a training accident endowing him with amazing abilities -- turning him into... THE CITIZEN.
Incarcerated for attempting to arrest the former President of the United States for war crimes, The Citizen finds himself released from prison by the new Commander-in-Chief, enlisting his help.

For the record, I'm told that Greg had written in Barack Obama as the story's President way before he had even won the DNC's nomination -- and way, way before all these other comics did it.

Are you tired of me talking about Secret Identities? Sorry. I'm a geek, I'm excited about this book, and I'll keep mentioning it here until it hits stores next month... and probably some more after that. You can pre-order it now on Amazon.com. To learn more about the book, go to the Secret Identities website here.

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