wait... john mccain uses twitter?

Ah, John McCain. The former GOP presidential candidate who was famously known for his computer illiteracy, is now apparently using Twitter. Because it's what all the cool kids are doing. And John McCain, as we all know, is um, cool.

The Republican Senator recently started using the social networking site to single out projects he deems unworthy of funding in a $410 billion budget bill in the Senate. Among the "pork" projects, according to McCain, including $237,500 for expansion of the Japanese American Museum in San Jose's Japantown.

Yes, San Jose has a Japantown -- one of the last three remaining authentic U.S. Japantowns. Reps. Zoe Lofgren and Mike Honda secured that money to help the museum, which has raised $50,000 privately but lost a $600,000 state grant to budget woes. Construction has been halted for lack of funds.

It's McCain 2.0! Honda apparently tweeted right back: "Jap. Museum boost tourism (thus jobs) in SJ Japantown, last of 3 authentic US Japantowns. Zoe & I proudly supported its funding." Damn right.

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