wonder girls performing in nyc

MTV Iggy, the Asian-inspired global pop culture brand (picking up where MTV Chi/K/Desi left off), is presenting a special live performance with South Korean girl pop supergroup Wonder Girls this Tuesday, March 10, 2:00pm at the MTV studio in New York City.

MTV will apparently be simulcasting the performance on the largest HD screen in the world, right in the heart of Times Square. Yeah. That screen.

You've never heard of Wonder Girls? You mean you haven't heard or seen the insanely catchy music video for "Nobody"? Or learned the "Tell Me" dance? You just might be the only one.

A limited number of lucky fans will make it inside the studio to be part of the audience. If you want in, email mtviggy@mtvn.com and tell them why you should be part of this epic event. Details here: MTV Iggy Presents The Wonder Girls.

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