anti-immigrant drivers' license bill in georgia

Today, I was informed of a bill currently under consideration in Georgia that targets Asian American immigrants by making it harder to get drivers licenses.

SB 67 would require drivers' license exams to only be provided in English, eliminating the current Spanish, Korean, and Japanese versions. Curiously, it leaves out temporary workers and temporary licenses, instead targeting legal permanent residents and the growing APA community in Georgia.

The bill has passed in both the House and Senate and now they are gong to try to come to a consensus, which the Governor is likely to sign. Local APA groups have been extremely active and outspoken on the issue, and have been working in coalition other minority groups.

NAKASEC and AAJC are putting out press statements in opposition: Letter from the National Korean American Service & Education Consortium (NAKASEC) in Opposition of SB 67, the "KIA Go Home" Legislation.

The bill is being driven by the notoriously ant-immigrant hate group Numbers USA. If they can successfully pass this in Georgia, there's no doubt they'll try to export the effort to other states. That's racist!

To learn more about this discriminatory bill, who to direct your anger at and what you can do the help, find details at the AA-Fund Blog here: Stop hate groups from driving jobs out of Georgia!

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