comic fodder interview with larry hama

Here's a cool interview with veteran comic book scribe Larry Hama, who is pretty much a legend in my book, having written for a number of influential series over his long career, like Wolverine and Elektra, but undoubtedly best known for his epic work with the G.I. Joe franchise: Interview With: Larry Hama.

He wrote on Marvel's G.I. Joe comic series for more than ten years, and is responsible for shaping some of the favorite cartoon/toy characters from my childhood. He even wrote the most of the character file cards on the back of Hasbro's G.I. Joe action figure packaging. You know what I'm talking about.

While this summer's Hollywood live-action G.I. Joe movie looks fairly awful, I'm slightly comforted by the fact that Larry Hama worked as a creative consultant for the movie. What that actually means is anyone's guess, but it will be nice to see his name in the credits. It's scheduled to be in theaters on August 7. (Thanks, Gene.)

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