asian kid fights back, gets charged with assault

Some news of a racist incident out of Canada... Last week in Keswick, Ontario, a 15-year-old Asian high school student fought back after being hit and racially taunted by another student during gym class. He broke the other kid's nose. Now he's charged with assault causing bodily harm: A blow against racism.

The student is also serving a suspension and could face expulsion. Meanwhile, the other boy, who required hospitalization, was also suspended but wasn't charged. Neither boy can be identified under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

According to witnesses, the other boy called the Asian student a "f...ing Chinese" and after a shoving match broke out, punched him in the mouth, causing him to bleed. The Asian student retaliated by punching the other boy and breaking his nose. Now he has to appear in court next month.

A protest movement erupted at the school this week, with hundreds of students skipping classes to hold a rally against racism and to protest the charges against the boy, who they said was acting in self-defense.

I can't advocate violence... but seriously, you can't blame the Asian kid for doing what he did. Some guy comes at you dropping racial shit and hits you in the face, instinct is going to kick in, and you're going to fight back. The Asian student, who holds a black belt in martial arts, was apparently aiming for the jaw, but missed.

Now, I understand that he has to face the consequences of his actions under school rules, and the law... but what about the other kid? Shouldn't the kid who actually instigated the incident, not only making racial comments but also hitting the other student, also face expulsion? And maybe even criminal charges?

You can't tell me that the Asian kid faces criminal charges because he fought back, but the racist kid is absolved because he's the one who actually ended up in the hospital. That's freaking ridiculous. More here: 300 Keswick High School students hit the streets to protest bullying.

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