star trek: I have seen the future, and it is awesome

If you do the Twitter thing, and you follow me, you might have noticed that I had the opportunity to attend an advanced screening of the new Star Trek movie last week. As a lifelong Trek fan, you know I was seriously geeking out. Like, pee-in-my-pants geeking out. And I loved every minute of it. (Yes, I'm gloating a little.)

With the movie's release still two weeks out, I won't spoil it with a full review. But I will say that it's satisfying on a lot of levels, both for longtime fans of the franchise, as well as general fans of solid summer action flicks. There are also apparently a lot of Asians in the future. And John Cho as Sulu? A bit of a badass.

Star Trek opens in theaters everywhere on May 8. I can't wait to see it again. For now, check out the brief clip above of John Cho as Sulu, Chris Pine as Kirk and Red Shirt Crewman (wink wink) preparing to get into some asskickery. And see some more Star Trek clips here. Live long and prosper.

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