mass shooting in binghamton, new york

Oh man. This morning, a gunman wounded at least six people and took up to 41 people hostage at an immigrant counseling center in Binghamton, New York. There are varying reports saying anywhere between 4 to 13 people have been killed: 6 shot, hostages taken in Binghamton, NY.

And some reports are describing the shooter as a young male of Asian descent.

The gunman apparently blocked the back door of the building with his car before walking through the front door firing with a high-powered rifle. The latest reports say two Asian males were taken from the scene in handcuffs, suggesting the gunman may not have been working alone.

Police are looking for someone who speaks Vietnamese to help them with translation. It's not clear if the suspects or the hostages are Vietnamese, but the language barrier appears to be delaying the investigation and the release of information.

The situation is ongoing, so details are still being pieced together. The New York Times news blog has brief minute-by-minute updates here: Shooting in Binghamton. More information will obviously be released, but I just wanted to get this initial news out posted. Lots of news articles here.

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