npr: south asians on tv!

NPR's Morning Edition is running an occasional series on the children of immigrants in America, how they make their mark and the issues that confront them. Yesterday's story focused on Indian American (and one Indian Canadian) actors currently doing their thing on television, like Mindy Kaling on The Office, Kal Penn on House and Vik Sahay on Chuck -- three characters I happen to love: On TV, Immigrants' Kids Mine Cultural Convergence.

There's also this interesting, handy timeline on the side tracing the very slim history of South Asians on television. Was Ajay Naidu the only South Asian guy on TV in the 1990s? (Apu doesn't count.) The sidebar notes that today, there are actors of South Asian descent apparing on Lost, ER, Top Chef, The Office, Chuck, House, Numb3rs, Heroes, 30 Rock, Weeds and Parks and Recreation.

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