more details on the korean retreat center shooting

I know, this is probably the last thing anyone wants to hear about these days... Some more details about the shooting rampage that occurred this week at a Korean Catholic retreat center in Temecula, California. The alleged gunman killed one and injured four: Gunman's rampage leaves Korean community reeling.

According to Riverside County Sheriff's deputies, on Tuesday evening, 69-year-old John Chong, a maintenance man at the retreat, shot Chuneui Yun in the head, killing her instantly, then shot her husband Jong Pil Yun in the chest, leaving him gravely wounded.

Chong then walked to the cottage owned by Joseph and Juliana Kim with plans to shoot them as well, but the Kims fought back ferociously with fists, furniture and weights. It sounds like it was an insane brawl. Literally, for their lives.

What the hell happened? Investigators haven't established a motive for the shooting. Some believe Chong might've just reached his breaking point, but there's no way of knowing for sure. Unfortunately, that seems to be the only answer we're getting a lot these days.

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