scion presents papershapers

This is pretty frickin' cool. Paper Shapers, curated by Giant Robot, kicks off this Saturday, April 11 at Scion's 4,500 square foot Installation L.A. Gallery in Culver City. It's a group show featuring ten artists who work with paper-not "on paper." The exhibition will feature works that are cut, torn, folded, and sewn into unique creations. Like robots!

Renown paper artist Shin Tanaka will be making a rare U.S. appearance at the opening and will be on hand to show original pieces and fold paper with attendees. I've seen his stuff in recent issues of GR, and it's pretty damn kickass.

A variety of paper artists from around the world will also participate in the exhibition, including Ana Serrano, Annie Vought, Brian Dettmer, Hunter Stabler, Peter Callesen, Polly Verity, Richard Sweeney, Mu Pan and Ryohei Tanaka.

The Papershapers exhibition runs April 11 - May 2. The opening reception will be on Saturday. For more information, take a look at the flyer above, or go to the Scion Installation L.A. website here.

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