more on the hate crime attack at ucsb

Some follow-up on that hate crime attack on UCSB student Thanh Hong and his friend last month in front of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity house. A group of men came out from inside the house, completely unprovoked, started yelling racial slurs, then physically assaulted them: Police Investigate Local Fraternity After Attack.

The news story doesn't offer much more information than the Facebook message that started circulating about the incident a couple of weeks ago, but it does mention what's been happening since the attack. Police say they're working with members of the fraternity as well as other individuals implicated in the incident to pinpoint a suspect.

I'm sorry, why the hell is it taking so long to "pinpoint" a suspect? Just get the damn guy. Get all of them. What kind of messed up sense of entitlement do you have to have to start racist violent shit with a random Asian guy who just happens to be walking by your house? That's racist!

According to a statement released by Pi Kappa Alpha, the fraternity is apparently cooperating with the authorities to resolve the issue. I love it how whenever stuff like this happens, frats are always so quick to point out how "diverse" their organization is. Please don't judge us by our racial slurs and hate crime assaults.

But here's the part that actually cracks me up. According to the article, in response to the alleged beating, P.I.K.E. will feature an educational booth addressing acts of aggression at their boxing tournament later this month. Yes, no Fight Night fundraiser is complete without a violence and racism awareness booth.

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