fast & furious in theaters today

Well, today's the day. Fast & Furious, directed by Justin Lin, opens in theaters everywhere. The fourth installment of the supercharged auto action franchise reunites all of the original movie's stars, subtracts "the" and "the" from the title, and gives people a reason to care about Vin Diesel again. For the moment.

Nobody's going to win any Oscars, but Justin Lin and Co. have made a solid, entertaining big-budget Hollywood action movie. Here's a good Los Angeles Times piece on the tricky economics of putting together a fourth Fast & Furious flick: 'Fast & Furious': Does the reunion have the goods?

I remember talking about the movie with Justin over a year and a half ago, right after he and the writers had finished the script, literally just under the strike deadline. I also had the chance to visit and see him in action on set last year. So personally, it's just cool to see it all finally come together.

As we've previously mentioned, Sung Kang is in the movie, reprising his role as Han. It's brief, but he's all cool, all the way. Other Asian faces to spot in the movie include Liza Lapira as Agent Sophie Trinh and Ron Yuan as David Park.

What more can I really say about this movie? I've seen it twice now, and it's just a fun, loud, brainless ride that delivers on everything it's supposed to. Fast cars, hot ladies and big explosions. You can't really expect too much else. The 16-year-old in me had an awesome time. Check your brain at the door and enjoy.

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