north korea launches rocket

North Korea has done it. North Korea has launched a rocket on Sunday, 11:30am local time, claiming that it was designed to propel a satellite into space... but they're not fooling anyone. The rest of world is pretty sure that it's an effort to prove that North Korea is edging toward the capability to shoot a nuclear warhead on a longer-range missile: North Koreans Launch Rocket Over the Pacific.

You can call it one giant rocket-sized bid for attention. Should you be freaked out? I won't lie -- this scares the crap out of me. However, like everyone else, I'm holding out with the idea that North Korea leaders are just hungry and desperate... as opposed to insane, hungry and desperate. The question is, how will the world respond: Obama Calls on U.N. to Punish North Korea Over Rocket.

Meanwhile, as the North Korean government pumps money into their precious rocket, millions continue to starve, two American journalists remain detained and face trial, and pundits prepare themselves to provide a frenzied news cycle of anti-Korean rhetoric and scare tactics to a concerned American public...

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